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Siemens RIE Conference

The Siemens RIE Aachen Arc Annual Conference took place on December 7th and 8th – kicking of a new partnership between Siemens and the Collective Incubator. This two-day event focused on sustainable energy and infrastructure, and featured talks and discussions from industry experts such as Dr. Raifa Akkaoui from Delft University of Technology, Matthias Schnieders from Siemens AG, Marco Wirtz from RWTH Aachen University, and Dr. Johannes Fütterer from aedifion.

The conference took place in the Collective Incubator and was aimed at individuals, start-ups, and student initiatives that were interested in sustainability, infrastructure, and energy. Big learnings of the conference were how to combine grid and building technologies in a smart way in order to create a carbon-neutral and energy-efficient world.

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#1 university for start-ups

According to Top 50 Start-ups, RWTH Aachen University is the top German university for start-ups. The publication ranked Aachen as #1, ahead of TU Berlin and TU Munich. As an important part of the start-up community at RWTH Aachen University, the Collective Incubator is proud to see the university’s success.

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New student chair

This semester, Brenda Ritter and Gabriel Spethmann were elected as the new chairs of Collective Incubator e.V.. Both have already gained a lot of experience within the organization. Brenda was previously responsible for corporate contacts, and Gabriel led the community team.

The new chairs have set out to make the Collective Incubator more visible and to make the platform more accessible to new users. They also want to work towards creating a strong shared identity within the community. The collective co-innovation platform offers a unique opportunity for bright minds to come together and develop solutions to global challenges.

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The Community

  • 122 start-ups
  • 66 student initiatives
  • 14 corporate partners


New corporate partners

The Collective Incubator is happy and proud to consider three new corporates as partner and is looking forward to powerful cooperation in the future.



New start-up teams

  • Grizzlar UG
    Production, sales and development of mechanical engineering parts
  • cylib GmbH
    Next generation battery recycling
  • Studio-Y2
    Creative studio for content and branding
  • Prismatic Web UG
    Development and conception of high performance web applications
  • MeinWatt GbR
    Direct marketing for small PV systems
  • i-flow GmbH
    Implement IIoT use cases faster
  • Hera
    Make e-car battery packs much more reliable and durable
  • dirK
    Technology platform for system integration of digital and robotic services in hospitals
  • atlat GmbH
    Digital grievance system for supply chains
  • EAC
    SaaS platform for processing and classification of scientific papers
  • NeuroDigital1
    Mobile tools for tracking and monitoring of brain health
  • Bottom-Up.City
    Digitization of urban development
  • Circonomit GmbH
    Encourage environmental based decision making
  • FloodWaive
    Early warning systems for flood events based on artificial intelligence
  • Magic-Rack
    Clotheshorse with which you no longer have to fold your laundry
  • iDot digital UG
    Learning platform with digital 1-on1 coach
  • Gymtelligence GmbH
    Digital personal trainer for the gym
  • mobilejobboard
    Digital platform for online job search for students and pupils
  • Norddeutsch Gesund UG
    Online marketplace for natural, organic and sustainable products


New student teams

  • Poetischer Anfall
    Theater group
  • Studenten bilden Schüler e.V.
    Free tutoring for financially disadvantaged children
  • MARCA e.V.
    Control of camless valve trains in the internal combustion engine
  • Aachen Blockchain Club e.V.
    Thinktank on the topic of blockchain
  • keäcksack
    Brewing beer from food scraps
  • Schach im Schacht Aachen e.V.
    Chess Club
  • BeeBag e.V.
    Create a reusable food packaging through upcycling
  • ITSA e.V.
    Tamil Students Club


News on site

The Collective Incubator is excited to have moved to the second floor at Campus Jahrhunderthalle. This new location allows to better serve the community and create an even more innovative and collaborative environment with a work café and a town hall for community events.

One of the standout features of the new space is the town hall, which has already been frequently used for events like the Siemens RIE Conference. This large event space provides a venue for the community to come together, learn from each other, and share ideas. Another highlight is the Work Cafe, which allows the community to connect better and provides a great place to work, relax, and collaborate with each other.

Moreover, the free to use Maker Space is now partly open to teams in the Collective Incubator community. Current efforts are put on onboarding various teams to the workshop, so that they can start to experiment, build, and create in it as soon as possible. This resource will be an invaluable tool for early-stage tech start-ups and will have significant impact in Aachen’s innovative community.


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