Mona Neubaur @ Green Tech Tour

Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Mona Neubaur, the Minister of Economic Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia, and her team from MWIKE. The visit lasted a good one and a half hours, during which we had the opportunity to discuss the future of battery technology and mobility.

We were joined by a number of promising startups, including ACCURE Battery Intelligence, SAFION GmbH, Voltfang, cylib, Urban Ray, and 4traffic SET GmbH. Additionally, we had the pleasure of hearing from two student initiatives, Sonnenwagen Aachen e.V. and Ecogenium. Each of the startups and student initiatives had the chance to pitch their projects briefly. These included battery analytics software aimed at optimizing the performance and lifespan of batteries, smart aerial logistics, battery second-life and recycling, intelligent traffic and environmental monitoring solutions, a solar-powered race car which has already competed in several international competitions, and a hydrogen-powered race car. These projects demonstrate the breadth and depth of innovation in the field of mobility and battery technology, and hold promise for a sustainable future.

We are grateful to Minister Neubaur and her team for taking the time to engage with us and look forward to continued collaboration and innovation.



Social Entrepreneurship Program

Santander Germany’s Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) is supporting social projects and giving young people the opportunity to work with passion and drive for things they believe in. CEO, Vito Volpe, and board member, Fernando Silva, expressed the incredible energy and indescribable courage of these projects when asked why they support these projects. The SEP project show at our new Town Hall was a great success, where Santander Universities donors were given a glimpse of the progress made in the past two years.

Linda L. and David Conradi from RecyCoal presented their project, which is focused on developing a pyrolysis system to produce sustainable coal from biomass. Their next step is starting a company to further their project.

Mohamed Alhaskir from NeuroTX Aachen presented a gripping talk about how they managed to control a wheelchair with brain activity. It was an amazing achievement and it showed that progress made in the past two years is immense.



Business Lounge for corporate partners

The Collective Incubator is growing and by now more than 2,500 active users and over 200 start-ups and student projects are part of our community. We are constantly looking for new promising opportunities to bring students, researchers and companies into active exchange with each other. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that we will be able to offer a business lounge for our partner companies from Q3/2023 onwards, in order to be directly on site and work closely with our community.

For more information, please contact our colleague David Beumers.


Start-up News

  • Riiico get 1.5 million pre-seed capital [Article]
  • Anticipate is now part of the xdeck Accelerator program [Article]
  • Cylib secures multiple millions in funding [Article]


The Community

  • 132 start-ups
  • 76 student initiatives
  • 15 corporate partners


We are happy to announce our new partner Saint-Gobain and looking forward to for the first time implement a student innovation case together in May 2023.


Moreover, we welcome these new start-up teams to our community:

  • Timaker
    An intelligent scheduling and organization platform for students and small companies
  • Hermetia Tech
    Production of insect biomass
  • RecyCoal
    Pyrolysis system to produce sustainable coal from biomass
  • Soltar
    Platform for renting out excess photovoltaik capacities
  • LuminoGen
    Detecting substance concentrations using blue glowing baker’s yeast
  • Creoby
    Portfolio optimization in sustainable energy
  • IT4Kids
    Tools and platform to teach coding to students
  • Treed
    Digital platform to connect local and sustainable retail


As well as these student initiaves:

  • esel.ac
    Bike sharing in Aachen
  • SKY Campus Aachen
    Initiative for work balance and meditation
  • Europa macht Schule
    Student projects for international exchange
  • AixSense
    Innovative biosensing system for detecting traumatic Brain Injury
  • QuantRWTH
    Quantitative and Algorithmic Trading