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Deutsche Telekom becomes new parnter

Von |2023-05-23T21:26:09+02:0023. Mai 2023|Press release|

Deutsche Telekom becomes official partner of Collective Incubator Deutsche Telekom officially becomes a new partner of the Collective Incubator. In addition to collaborating in research and development with RWTH Aachen University, the Magenta Campus Team has also reached out to Collective Incubator for talent recruiting. In the upcoming year there will be two collaborative events

Funding social businesses

Von |2023-04-14T09:09:36+02:0012. April 2023|Press release|

The Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) supports student projects in the field of social innovation and social entrepreneurship that demonstrate a real social impact at RWTH and FH Aachen University. The funding focuses on downstripping high tech, referring to the simplification and application of technologies from the university for charitable purposes in Germany, Europe and around

Saint-Gobain becomes new partner

Von |2023-03-06T20:48:07+01:006. März 2023|Press release|

Saint-Gobain becomes new partner The Collective Incubator announces a new partnership with French multinational Saint-Gobain at the start of 2023. The central component of the innovation-oriented partnership is hosting a student innovation case. Saint-Gobain will be the first corporate partner to implement a student innovation case with the Collective Incubator in May 2023. This format

Celonis becomes new partner

Von |2023-01-13T15:55:03+01:0012. Januar 2023|Press release|

The Collective Incubator announces a new partnership with Celonis, the global pioneer in process mining and execution management. For some years now, software companies have been at the centre of the success of the start-up scene in Germany. Celonis, the most valuable German start-up, was founded in 2011 by three Munich students. Success stories like

Siemens becomes new partner

Von |2022-12-15T06:39:05+01:0015. Dezember 2022|Press release|

Joint partnership in areas of talent and innovation Siemens AG and the Collective Incubator have agreed on a partnership in the areas of talent and innovation until 2024. This is the Collective Incubator's most extensive cooperation to date. First and foremost, the agreement provides for close cooperation in the placement of young talent from Aachen

Siemens RIE Conference

Von |2022-12-01T11:46:54+01:001. Dezember 2022|Press release|

Tech Talks regarding #SustainableEnergy & #Infrastructure, discussion and networking by #YoungInnovators - this is the two-day Siemens RIE Aachen Arc Annual Conference happening on December 7th / 8th. How do we combine grid and building technologies in a smart way for a carbon-neutral and energy saving world? We're looking forward to inspiring talks and discussions with Dr. Raifa Akkaoui (Delft University of Technology), Matthias Schnieders (Siemens AG), Marco

Querbeet greened Campus Jahrhunderthalle

Von |2022-11-29T07:09:29+01:0015. Juli 2022|Press release|

Together with querbeet we spent the last few days making our barbeque area more colourful. We built four raised beds which were then planted with flowers and herbs by members of Querbeet. Querbeet is a social project from the Caritas and Troddwar. The goal is to enable people who have an addiction or don’t have homes

Our Summerfestival 2022

Von |2022-11-29T07:05:48+01:0019. Juni 2022|Press release|

Want to see what's going on at our campus for innovation and entrepreneurship? Then visit our Collective Incubator Summer Festival on June 24.! You can look forward to interesting keynotes from our startups and fun activities to meet our community at Campus Jahrhunderthalle. After a kick-off speech from Professor Johannes Henrich Schleifenbaum we invite you to

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