Santander X Explorer Second Edition 2024


  • Welcome. The week before the program starts, you will be given multimedia materials to know how the different work environments operate, how the group sessions or Q&A will be held, and which resources and tools will be available. Get ready. During the first part of the program, you will learn how to organise yourself into a group and/or community and how to examine the ethics that should cover all projects. You will also prepare to explore the potential of your idea through a framework where shared knowledge and peer learning will play a leading role.

  • Research. In this section, you will use different research methods to identify your potential client and build your valuable proposal, focusing on the people you want to help with your solution.

  • Fix & Build. This section will guide you through building a basic product and prototyping your solution while working towards presenting your idea to your audience using the latest marketing and communication techniques.

  • Monetize. You will learn all there is to know about business models and funding opportunities, as well as learn to build on the financial projections of your project.

  • Storytelling. You’ll know how to present your solution to clients, potential partners, possible investors, and especially to the people who will decide if you (and your team, if applicable) will be part of the Explorer Fellows Cohort. If you succeed in becoming part of this group, you will have a week of training and immersion in a European entrepreneurial hub to continue your Explorer experience more intensively.


At the end of the 12-week program, if you complete all the activities proposed, you will know whether your idea can become a profitable business. You will also:

  • Develop creative thinking skills geared towards seeking solutions.
  • Display your goal and values, explore your limits, and understand your potential.
  • Learn to understand and empathise with your potential clients’ needs.
  • Discover and learn the latest techniques and tools for communicating with your audience.
  • Learn a battery of multidisciplinary skills (so-called soft skills) that will be with you for life and help you to prosper in any professional field.
  • Connect with other people, who, like you, want to improve their environment. And above all, you will try. Without fear. You are allowed to make mistakes here.


  • Validation of the idea with which you applied for the program: you can test whether it can become a viable business.
  • Community: access to a global community of young pioneers with more than 1000 participants in each edition will expand as more universities from different countries adhere to the scheme.
  • Projects that complete all the program activities will also receive a certificate of completion.


  1. Fill in the application form at “”, providing your details and those of your project. Do not forget to explain in detail your motivation for participating in this program. If you apply as a team, each team member must fill in their own application form, and only the project leader should be identified as such. This is very important so that the selection of the projects can be managed correctly.
  2. Choose the institution based on your location: if you are in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United States, or Uruguay, choose the nearest university. If you are in Spain, choose the closest center.
  3. If you pass the screening test, we will get in touch via a notification.
  4. Important: your place and your team (where applicable) will be definitively confirmed once the project leader appears as admitted in their Santander X profile.
  5. And you will be an Explorer! And from here, you will receive all the instructions for starting the program and will also have access to the online workspace where you’ll find all the other Explorers. Remember that if any of your team members haven’t signed up for the project, they will not have access to the training platform and will not receive their completion certificate.

IS SANTANDER X EXPLORER FOR YOU? Definitely, yes. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone; Santander X Explorer is. Give you twelve weeks to try it out, make mistakes, learn, get inspired… but above all, to turn your idea into something tangible and understand whether it could become a potential source of income. What’s more, let you do it with people who, like you, are unsatisfied with the world. Anything is possible in an uncertain world. Allow you to do things and join Santander X Explorer. You are in charge of exploring your future.

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Santander X Explorer Second Edition 2024
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