Vortragsreihe Windenergie

The Energy Forum Aachen invites all students and interested parties to our wind power lecture series πŸƒπŸŒ¬οΈπŸ”Œβš‘ On three Wednesday evenings, companies from the energy sector will give us an insight into their work in the field of wind energy. You can also discuss and get in touch with the companies. The lecture series starts with the basics, everyone is welcome to attend with or without prior knowledge. The lectures will also be broadcast via Zoom, you will find the link in good time via our bio.

1 |The Center for Wind Power Drives RWTH (CWD) and the turbine manufacturer Nordex are kicking things off. The CWD will give a general introduction to wind energy and Nordex will present the technology behind wind turbines. Date: 29.05.24 at 18:30 in CARL H07

2 | RWE and REA as project developers will present how onshore and offshore wind farms are created. The main aspects of project development will be covered, from the initial site search to commissioning. Date: 12.06.24 at 18:30 in CARL H07

3 | Tennet as transmission system operator will provide information on the connection of offshore wind farms to the electricity grid. As a direct electricity marketer, Trianel will report on the marketing and profitability of renewable energies - especially wind power. Date: 19.06.24 at 18:30 in CARL H09

We look forward to the presentations and your attendance 😊

Vortragsreihe Windenergie
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