Maker Space

On the ground floor is the Maker Space with state-of-the-art machines. In over 1000m², you will find everything for metalworking, woodworking, plastics, textiles, electronics, 3D printing and much more!

Our two workshop managers will assist you with all your needs and try to help you produce your very first prototype. The Maker Space is divided into a carpentry area, a metalworking area, a sewing area, and a 3D printing area. In each section we have a variety of machines to help you as best we can. Our Maker Space makes us one of the few European tech incubators with such a wide range of equipment.

Additive Manufacturing

For 3D printing, we offer everything from entry-level to professional capabilities. This includes machines that specialize in creating models with exceptional detail, using both plastic and advanced materials such as carbon fiber. For larger projects, we offer equipment capable of producing large prints, as well as a unique continuous printing machine. In addition, our setup includes a machine designed for precision additive manufacturing, capable of sintering powder to create complex parts with fine detail. To complement the creation process, we also have post-processing equipment, including a machine for grinding and recycling plastic waste, and another for precision cutting and model preparation.

Metalworking and Welding

Our metalworking area includes advanced drilling machines, and for threading and tapping, we offer specialized equipment capable of producing detailed and precise thread patterns on metal surfaces. Sawing needs are met with a high-precision, automatic horizontal bandsaw that provides accurate cuts for both small and large materials. We also have a press brake and a manual bending machine. For cutting needs, a plasma cutting machine is available along with a water jet cutting machine that provides a non-thermal cutting method for materials of varying thicknesses. Finishing and welding are key components of our metalworking capabilities, including a range of welding machines for various welding methods. A deburring machine is available to achieve smooth finishes on metal pieces, removing any sharp edges or burrs. In addition, we offer specialized equipment for creating beads and flanges on sheet metal.


Here we offer an advanced UV flatbed printer and a combined printer and cutter that streamlines the production process by enabling seamless printing and cutting in a single workflow. For precision cutting and shaping, we have a cutter plotter that is perfect for creating intricate designs and patterns on vinyl, paper, cardstock and other materials.


This area is equipped with a screen printing carousel and an embroidery machine capable of adding detailed, textured designs to fabric.

Woodworking and Model Workshop

For those who need to shape or cut materials with impeccable precision, our equipment includes advanced machines capable of laser cutting, ensuring clean, precise cuts every time.

We also offer solutions for complex grinding tasks, with equipment designed to refine and perfect both spindle and surface finishes. For larger materials, our setup is equipped with a high-capacity saw, ideal for cutting through thick sheets, as well as versatile sanding equipment that can handle both belt and disc sanding projects. Additionally, for the finest in edge finishing, we have machinery that is excellent at oscillating edge sanding, providing smooth, flawless edges on a variety of workpieces.