Funding social businesses

The Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) supports student projects in the field of social innovation and social entrepreneurship that demonstrate a real social impact at RWTH and FH Aachen University. The funding focuses on downstripping high tech, referring to the simplification and application of technologies from the university for charitable purposes in Germany, Europe and around the world.

You can find the complete announcement and the opportunity to apply here on the website of our project partner Santander Universities. Applications are open until April 19. Students of RWTH and FH Aachen are eligible to apply.

The SEP includes a total of 100,000 € per year. Individual projects can be funded with up to 12,000 €. The funding period is up to two semesters and starts at the beginning of each semester. Over the past three semesters, 21 projects have already been funded. The winners were:

We promote social entrepreneurship to enable your social impact.