New board elected

Brenda Ritter and Gabriel Spethmann were elected as the new chairs at the general meeting on October 10, 2022. Both have already gained extensive experience in the organization. Brenda was previously responsible for corporate contacts in Partnership Management and Gabriel led the Community Team. After the election, they expressed their appreciation for the received trust and presented their priorities for the beginning term of office.

Greater visibility and a strong common identity

According to the statement, greater visibility will be one of the primary goals. The Collective Incubator has various services to offer students, researchers and companies in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. These need to be actively publicized in the university environment of RWTH and FH Aachen. In addition, another key goal is to strengthen the common identity of the team and the community. Facing current global challenges, the collective co-innovation platform is intended to offer bright minds the opportunity to develop solutions together.

One year and numerous novelties

This marks the end of the tenure of Hannes Drescher and Ferdinand Siegert, who have done a great deal of work making the Collective Incubator increasingly professional and have worked tirelessly to grow and develop the student team. Their merits also include the increasing expansion of the co-working space and the acquisition of a whole series of well-known corporate partners.